How to receive a payment (get payment process url)?

iPint, May 24, 2022

How it works :
  1. To get started with receiving a new payment with iPint, get a payment process url by calling /checkout endpoint with HTTP POST method and redirect on the payment process url.
  2. On redirecting to the payment process url, it will open iPint checkout page, where your customers will select any cryptocurrency to pay with.
  3. Next it will ask to enter amount if amount is not passed as the parameter of /checkout endpoint.
  4. Next it will generate QR code to receive payment. You customers will scan the QR code to pay. Alternatively, they can copy-paste the address and the amount to pay. If they are making payment from their mobile device (mostly the case), they can simply click on 'Open in wallet' button to open in any crypto wallet app installed in the customer's device, it will automatically take the address and the amount to be sent.
  5. After making the payment, the customer will click the button 'Paid & Confirm'. It will redirect to the merchant's website (you need to pass 'merchant_website' param in /checkout endpoint while creating new payment request to redirect your customer on your website after completing the payment process).
  6. When payment is successful or failed, it will sent callback request on the callback request url provided by you as a parameter 'invoice_callback_url' while calling the /checkout (HTTP POST method) endpoint to get payment process url.
  7. To know how to get payment status and details, check this article on How to check payment status and details?
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