FAQ related to Merchants

1. How do I sign up for the iPint Merchant account?

Signing up for your Merchant account on the iPint is easy. Just follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go.

Click on login/sign up, then confirm your password. You will now be directed towards the terms and policies. Once you agree to them, you can start creating an account with your details. After you have completed creating your account, you will land on the welcome page from where you will be asked to confirm your email Id and proceed to the verification process. The entire process completes with the proper verification of your details by iPint, after which you can log in and start using your account for various transactions.

2. How do I integrate iPint payment gateway on my website?

iPint wants to help grow adoption of virtual currencies globally by laying out a reliable payments system that caters for the needs of both merchants and their clients. With iPint, each and every business owner can start accepting virtual currencies as a form of payment using our API. We offer a simple framework for payment settlement to merchants. iPint handles the payment flow from checkout to settlement, allowing businesses to use this innovative payment method without deep technical know-how and risks related to exchange rate fluctuations. Our service provides full automation for accepting Bitcoin, Ether and USDT with option of adding other currencies soon, unique addresses for each order, real-time transparent exchange rates, and a platform for merchants to track and manage their payment history and payouts. Configuration of our API for processing payments on virtually any website is rather straightforward. Merchant API credentials can be created from your iPint account, where you can also add your payout details based on your preferred option for receiving settlements.

Our API documentation is available on ipint.io.

3. What does Merchant's dashboard cover ?

After you log in to your account on iPint, you will find a highly user-friendly dashboard. Once you click on it, you will get access to all the merchant transactions divided into multiple categories like Confirmed transactions, Pending, Settled, Invoices, and more. It's a summary of all your transactions on iPint, categorized accordingly for your convenience. All - Under this category, you can view every merchant transaction that happened through your profile. Confirmed - Here, you will find all the transactions that have been confirmed until now but not settled yet. Settled - These transactions are the ones that have already been settled by the iPint. This means the iPint has made the payout to the merchant, and the transaction has been completed smoothly.

Invoices - Under this tab, you can get access to the merchant invoices generated to date for all your transactions.

4.How soon will the payment reflect in my merchant dashboard once my customer pays?

The payment sent by your client will have to reach the iPint address through blockchain validation process. It may take time depending on the network congestion and the mining fee selected by your client. In case of Bitcoin, six confirmations are needed. Once confirmations are done, the client's account as well as merchant dashboard will get automatically updated.

5. What will happen if the funds transferred are less than the intended amount?

Underpayments occur when merchant's client sends less than the full amount required to mark the invoice as fully paid. Many a time, underpayment situation occurs when the client delays to send the virtual currencies and rates have changed. If client is sending money from 3rd party platform like exchanges, there is deduction of some fee before the amount is sent. In the case of the deposits, iPint accepts underpayment and passes the underpaid amount to client account on the behalf of merchant. In the case of the payment for ecommerce product or services, the underpaid invoice shall be eligible for refund. Merchant can initiate the refund process or accept the underpayment from the dashboard in Merchant account. iPint will refund the value of invoice.

Merchant can request for refund of underpaid amounts to us until we transfer the funds to them. The maximum time we will keep those will be 30 days. If no requests for refunds of underpaid amounts are received by us until 30th day, we will transfer the underpaid amounts to the merchant on the exchange rate of that day. After transfer of these amounts, merchant will be fully responsible for any refunds of underpaid amounts to their clients.

6. What if the customer transfers more than the intended amount?

Overpayments occur when an invoice receives excess funds. Such an invoice will be marked as overpaid. In the case of deposits, iPint accepts and passes the overpaid amount to client account on the behalf of merchant. In the case of the payments for ecommerce product or services, the excess amount from overpaid invoice shall be eligible for refund. Merchant can initiate the refund from the dashboard in Merchant account. The amount equivalent to invoice value shall be moved for the payout.

Any requests for excess overpaid amounts can be made to us until we transfer the excess amounts to the merchant. The maximum time we will keep those funds will be 30 days. If no request for refunds of excess paid amounts are received by us until 30th day, we will transfer the same to the merchant on the exchange rate of that day. After transfer of these amounts, merchant will be fully responsible for any refunds of excess amounts to its clients.

7. What is the fee charged by iPint for payment processing?

iPint charges service fees from the merchants of all three tiers. The service fee shall be a percentage from the transaction carried out by merchant's clients. While making settlement, the service fee shall be deducted before settling the amount. A monthly invoice shall be generated for the Service Fee for every merchant.

During the settlement process, the blockchain network fee shall be paid by the merchant. You can contact us for more details at help@ipint.io

8. What are all payments settlement options there for merchants?

We will verify you client's payments over the blockchain network and automatically post the balance in their account as well as your dashboard. iPint holds the funds in its wallet temporarily till they are settled. You are given the option to chose your payout preference in your Merchant account. You can receive a settlement in stable Virtual currency or Fiat currency. We currently provide the settlement in stable Virtual currency which may expand to BTC. You will assume volatility risks of the currency in which you choose to settle. For example, if you choose to settle in bitcoin, then you assume the volatility risk of the bitcoin value.

All settlement information can be seen from the Merchant dashboard.

9. When do account settlements happen?

From the Settings in your Merchant account you can select the payout options available viz. 1 day, 7 days or 1 month. However, for the settlement a minimum balance of 100 USD is required. Payout to any address shall incur a network transaction (mining) fee which will be deducted from the amount sent on the recipient address.

10. How do I select to receive Virtual currency settlement?

You can receive payouts in stable virtual currency or fiat currencies. Currently we provide option of settling in USDT. We may add BTC later. You can provide details of your wallet from your Merchant account. From Setting you can go to Payout setting and give your details. In Silver tier you have option of adding only single wallet for payment settlement, in Gold, you can use two wallets and for Platinum tier you can go upto adding three wallets for settlement. This will become your default payout setting account and will be used for the settlement.

If the payout is not processed due to the lack of minimum payout balance, which is USD 100, then it will be added in the next payout cycle.

11. How do I raise my processing volume limit?

There are three levels of verification, depending on which you can raise your transaction/processing volume limits. You can either do the up-gradation one level at a time or apply for Platinum directly after getting approval for Silver. On your Merchant account click on 'settings,' then select 'business settings.' Here you will find 'Allowed Transaction Volume,' under which you will get the option to 'Increase Transaction Volume.' You can also click on Settings, then go to business settings and click on 'Raise Daily/yearly Transaction Volume Limit' and boost your levels.

You can apply for these levels at any point in time. Verification may take up to 1 week, after which you can use utilize your enhanced withdrawal limit without any worries.

12. How do I view and manage my payments?

All payments can be seamlessly managed from the Merchant accounts.

FAQ related to Merchant's client

1. How can I pay or deposit using iPint?

iPint accepts payments in multiple currencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, LTC, USDT and is going to add many more currencies, making it easier for you to pay or deposit any amount you want, securely in your merchant's site. For paying the money, you first need to select the virtual currency you wish to use from the given list. Then you put the amount which you want to pay in your local/fiat currency. After getting confirmation from you on the amount to be deposited, a QR code showing the receiving address and the virtual currency amount will be generated to transfer the virtual currency. You can use any virtual currency wallet to transfer this amount. Click for more details.

2. When will my payment through iPint get confirmed?

After the initial deposit process is over, the virtual currency will hit the blockchain for the confirmation or validation of the transaction. Until the requisite number of confirmations come, the transaction history page will show the transaction as in-process. Once the amount is received at the receiving address, iPint takes care of the rest of the activities in background to convert this amount in fiat currency or virtual stable currency. Your account, nevertheless shall receive the credit of the amount you deposited.

To expedite the transaction, it is always recommended to use high network fee.

3. Do I need an account to pay/deposit using iPint payment service?

No. You don't need to have an account with iPint to pay/deposit your virtual currencies. Your merchant would however, need to open a verified account with iPint to enable payment or deposit services on its site.

4. Which wallet works best for payment through iPint?

iPint invoices are highly compatible with both peer-to-peer as well as payment protocol wallets. You can simply scan the QR code and made the payment or you can copy & paste the exact amount mentioned, along with the receiver's address. Please keep the mining fee as high to ensure payment reaches us within the time specified.

5. Which cryptocurrencies are currently supported by iPint?

iPint is designed to ensure convenience of payments. iPint currently supports Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin Doge, Litecoin LTC and Tether USDT. More currencies shall be added in future. Click for more details.

6. What is the network fee on iPint deposit?

When you pay/deposit the virtual currency from your wallet, use the mining fee as 'High' for the transaction to succeed within the time specified. This fee is taken by the network participants who would confirm the transaction. iPint does not charge any mining fee from you.

7. Where can the merchant's client see their transaction history?

Client can see the details of crypto transactions in their account with merchant. They can check the invoice details, blockchain transaction id, amount and time.

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