Skip excessive costs, complications, and risks

You save time, cost and complications of a normal cross border payment. Create and send your detailed bills from easy to use iPint Billing tool from Merchant Dashboard.

Locked Exchange Rate

iPint protects businesses and payers from price volatility of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. We calculate the bitcoin/crypto denominated amount when payment is initiated, not when an invoice is first received.

Customer chooses cryptocurrency

Each bill you send provides your customer the option to select from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or USDT. In future the list is going to increase.

Giving your Business a fresh Impetus with iPint Bills

You can receive payments from any part of the world within no time. You can register on iPint as a Business or a Professional and start within no time. You need no coding.

Use Billing Service in various ways

You can use Billing service for collecting B2B Payment from your customer or to collect donation or any other purpose.

Super Fast Global Payments

You can send and receive blockchain payments to iPint invoices in minutes from almost anywhere.