You can use links or buttons for anything.

You can create a payment link and share across to your circle to collect the payment in virtual currency for anything. It is easy to create with quick settlements from iPint.

Easy & Fast Setup

Easy to integrate and easy to use. Collect payments in digital assets with a simple button of your design. It is quick to setup, you don't spend any effort.


You can fundraise with cryptocurrency. You can tap into global donor community. Best way to collect international donations of any amount without worrying about cost involved in traditional money transfer.

Simple tools. Bigger reach

Creating buttons or links is extremely easy on iPint. It does not take more than a minute. And setting your iPint account won't take more than an hour.

Easy, fast and secure for payer to pay

Quicker implementation and faster checkouts for ecommerce. No development efforts.

Access to Global Marketplace

Access a huge global population if you accept borderless cryptocurrency payments. Globally half a billion people are involved in over 2.5 Trillion USD crypto market.