How to test iPint in Testing Environment (Use Testnet)?

iPint, May 24, 2022

Use testnet bitcoins to test your iPint integration in testing environment. The testnet is an alternative Bitcoin blockchain, to be used for testing. Testnet coins are separate and distinct from actual bitcoins, and are never supposed to have any value. This allows application developers or Bitcoin testers to experiment, without having to use real bitcoins.

First, you should download a testnet Bitcoin wallet here:

Then, you should get some testnet coins by visiting this website and entering your testnet BTC address (generated in the testnet Bitcoin wallet mentioned above). After receiving the testnet coins, you have to wait for 1 confirmation to be able to spend them (this may take up to 20 minutes).

Now, you can make payments to invoices which you generate. Make sure you have generated invoice using testnet base url. Open iPint test checkout by redirecting to payment process url from the response of the endpoint using HTTP POST method. For testnet, user port 8002 with base url to iPint APIs

Follow these steps to set up coinomi wallet

1. Download and install Coinomi wallet

Download link :

2. Open the Coinomi App and click on "Create a new Wallet"

3. Store your recovery phrase in a secure manner and click "Next"

4. Skip or Confirm your Recovery phrase

5. Set up your password and click Next

6. Find and select "Bitcoin Test" coin from the list and click Next

7. Copy Testnet Bitcoin Receiving Address

Now you can get free testnet bitcoins on a so called Bitcoin faucet. We have collected several ones for you in the list below. All you need to do is copy-paste your testnet bitcoin address from the coinomi wallet "Receive" (as mentioned in the step 7) and click the send button and the testnet bitcoins will be delivered to your testnet address. (Note: each faucet has a limited amount of testnet bitcoins they send for each request and a time limit indicating when you can make another request.) .

You are now ready to pay using testnet bitcoins.

How do I pay an iPint invoice?