How to move from Testing Enviroment to Production?

iPint, May 24, 2022

Checklist to move to production

1. Use Production Base URL

To call iPint APIs like /checkout with HTTP POST method, /invoice with HTTP GET method, use Production URL (i.e. mainnet url) as given below
Note : The difference between Testnet Base URL & Mainnet (Production) Base URL is that Production Base URL is on port 8003 and Testnet Base URL is on port 8002

2. Use Production API Credentials

DO NOT use demo (test) api credentials which were given to you for testing and integration. Use the final (Production) API key and secret, sent on you registered email address.
Keep these very securely as private keys or passwords.
DO NOT share API secret with any api request instead add API key and an hmac signature generated using API secret in request headers.

3. Testing on Testnet

Before moving to production, make sure you have done enough testing on testnet with testnet coins in testing environment.

Make sure all things are working properly

  • Redirection to merchant website after user completes payment on iPint’s checkout page.
  • You are getting an invoice callback request on the url you have provided. Once you get a callback request, you call /invoice GET to get invoice details for that particular invoice. DO NOT rely on the data you get from invoice callback request for a particular invoice as callback data are just to intimate that transaction status has changed, you now check invoice data from /invoice endpoint.
  • You receive emails when transaction is completed or failed merchant email id you provide while creating your account at iPint. Your users receive notification on email when status gets changed to 'PROCCESSING' and 'COMPLETED' if invoice is paid.

4. Use Unique User ID

Make sure that you are passing a unique user id for every unique user to /checkout endpoint to get payment_process_url to redirect on iPint checkout page.

5. Minimum and maximum amounts

There are minimum and maximum deposit amounts with respect to each cryptocurrency.

6. Invoice Amount and Received Amount

Invoice amount is the amount that user enters to deposit and received amount is the actual amount paid by the user. Sometimes it happens that the invoice is underpaid or sometime may be overpaid. Before giving credit please check and compare both the amounts from the response of the /invoice endpoint for a particular invoice.

7. Supported currenciess

If you are showing supported currencies (list of currencies in which your users can pay) on your website then get the updated list of currencies from the endpoint

8. Show a Demo to iPint Team

Lastly, it is recommended that you show a demo to iPint team before going to production when your integration is completed and you have done enough testing and ready to make it live in production.

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